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Moroccan Cuisine & Belly Dancing

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El Mansour is a well known Moroccan restaurant that has been in business for the last 38 years.

We offer traditional Moroccan food. It is very important to us to serve homemade high quality ingredients. 

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Authentic Experience

From traditional garb, imported fabrics and textiles,  you will be transported to our family's dining room

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Family Recipes

Our menu comprises of some our favorite dishes we used to serve with our own family


Wine Focus

We offer a full listing of wines from Napa, Sonoma, and Morocco that pair well 

with our delicious dinner

El Mansour with Friends

El Mansour is more than a culinary experience, it is also a trip to Morocco. Decorated with the authentic Moroccan decors, everything was imported from Morocco indeed. We also offer entertainment from Thursday to Sunday. At El Mansour you will be our guest for a night, you will enjoy our tasty food, great ambiance and caring service.

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