Belly Dancing
Thursday : Showtime 7:30pm
Fri & Sat : Showtime 7:00-7:30pm 

Sunday : Showtime 7:30pm 
*for exact showtime, please confirm with a staff member


Lisa (Yasmine) saw belly dancing for the first time at a Renaissance Faire and fell in love with the ancient dance form.  When she first heard belly dance music, she felt it run through her veins and was pulled to dance.  She is of Lebanese descent, and the music and dance is truly in her blood and a love of her life. 


She has been belly dancing since she was 14 years old and started performing at festivals with belly dance troupes when she was 16.  She's been performing in restaurants since 2004, and has performed at many weddings, anniversaries and Birthday parties over the years.  She's performed and worked with live musicians for years and loves doing improvisation and choreographies.   She also taught belly dance lessons in studio for 1-2 years.

Lisa (Yasmine)

Nicole Maria1.JPG

Nicole Maria is an award-winning belly dancer based out of Oakland, California. She has been studying, teaching, and performing contemporary and traditional forms of Middle Eastern dance since 2009. She teaches and performs as a solo dancer and in various Middle Eastern dance companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. You can learn more about Nicole Maria on her website at or find her on Instagram at @nicolemariadance. 

Nicole Maria


Khalilah Samah has been a Bay Area-based professional belly dancer for over 15 years. She is the 2013 Belly Dancer of the Year, as well as winner of other performance competitions in both solo and duet/troupe categories over many years. Her improvisational style set to a mix of classic and modern Arabic music, and fun, engaging personality always make for a memorable evening of entertainment.


Shaddia 2.jpg

Shaddia is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her love of Middle Eastern music began at a young age when she used to listen to contemporary Arabic music and Golden Era classics. She began studying bellydance in Los Angeles in 2006, and currently continues to train with numerous dancers from around the world. Shaddia performs professionally at restaurants, community events, private events, and bellydance festivals in the US and Latin America. She loves to incorporate folkloric dances in her performances in addition to props such as the shamadan, sword, and veil to name a few. Since 2019, she has been co-producing Shimmy Love SF annual bellydance festival.



Tamara’s passion for dance has led her around the world several times over. In her lifetime, she has traveled to 37 countries, attended 8 international festivals, won 8 awards, and taken workshops from over 30 different world-renowned raqs sharki dance teachers. 

Over the past decade, she has explored many forms of dance including samba, ballet, and modern. However raqs sharki or bellydance will always be her favorite at heart. Based out of Oakland, California, Tamara has been working as a professional dancer performing at venues all over the Bay Area and the world since 2017.



May Yang is a well-known professional dancer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, at aged 10 she began her fascination with dance through traditional training and starred in many productions. 

May’s very unique style and fashion sense give special meaning to dance as an artistic form of self-expression.  Her art continues to evolve from her love of arts, fashion, music and nature.


Also She is a member of the world famous Zoe Jake’s “House of Tarot” "Coven Dance Company” and “Beats Antique.”  


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Basinah is a multiple award-winning dancer based out of San Francisco. A lifetime dancer, Basinah has trained in Tahitian, Hula, Hip Hop, Step , Ballet, Tap, Modern, and of course the exotic art of Raqs Sharqi. She can be found performing at celebrations, parties, festivals all around the Bay Area. To learn more about Basinah, check out her website or find her on social media:

Facebook: @BasinahRaqsSharqi or Instagram: @Basinahdances. 




Anala is an award-winning entertainer from the SF Bay Area. Her fiery personality mixed with her energetic & engaging performances have audiences affectionately dubbing her as their “Favorite Redheaded Fireball” & she certainly lives up to the title! Her performance background spans over 3 decades & counting, with training in theatre, music, dance, & technical theatre. Her dance training includes Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Classical Ballroom, & other world cultural dances (Tahitian, Afro-Latin & Street Social Dancing, Jazz Funk).  She has performed at many festivals, restaurants, & live events all over the United States & the French Polynesia. In performances, she incorporates her diverse training to create a totally unique & eclectic experience.